The Harlequin’s Luck

Obligation Type Character
01-10 Debt1 Skaara
11-20 Family2 Skaara
21-30 Secret3 Ardana
31-40 Bounty4 Ardana
41-50 Favor5 Dorric
51-55 Favor6 Dorric
56-65 Blackmail7 Nova
66-70 Debt8 Nova









The Crimson Star

Obligation Type Character
01-20 Debt1 Ben
21-30 Duty-bound2 Shivana
31-40 Oath3 Shivana
41-55 Criminal4 Amunet
56-70 Betrayal5 Gunnar
71-76 Oath6 Chuk
77-80 Favor7 Chuk

1 Ben’s debt is to Guttu the Hutt. Amused by the methods Ben employed to ‘win’ ownership of The Bright Talon (now known as The Crimson Star), Guttu has secured a promise that he will not send enforcers to reclaim the ship as long as she performs the odd job for him with the ship upon his request.

2 Shivana is duty-bound to retrieve the possessions of her ancestor, stolen by a dangerous thief.

3 Shivana has sworn an oath of vengeance for the death of her brother against a dangerous thief.


5 Betrayed familial arrangement of marriage to Aayn’sara Oroola when he took a job that ended with the death of his betrothed instead of his target, which happened to be her father.

6 Ashechuk’s has sworn an oath to always pay his debts—and ensure that any debts to him are paid as well.

7 Ashechuk owes Silus Govurn a favor; Govurn spotted Chuk taking old equipment from a previous employer.

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